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There’s always a price to pay…

For Haseya, that price means a life of celibacy. A Navajo Skinwalker Witch, her gift of healing forbids her from loving a man intent on pain and destruction. 

For Zayn, the price means a life of anger and loneliness. A Djinn, he is torn by the need to seek vengeance. 

Zayn will do anything to protect Haseya. When hostile aliens searching for shape-shifters arrive in Magic, New Mexico, he is willing to unleash any force to save the woman he loves and the town under siege that needs him--but will the price of protecting those he loves drive a wedge between him and the beautiful witch he is destined to love forever?

Messing Up Magic is part of The Worlds Of Magic New Mexico series, with a forward by series creator, S.E. Smith.

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