Harpy Gumbo

Broke in Magic, Book 2

Release Date: October 15, 2019

Evil has already destroyed her heart  —  now it wants to ruin the world. 

Trini is built for murder. A harpy who escaped a lifetime of abuse, she struggles with everything and her fight or flight instincts leave blood and tears in her wake. 

Wellie is pulled in a direction he never expects  —  to Trini’s spirit. He searches to find her, convinced that she is the one for him. Whether he can survive her is another matter. 


Deep in the center of New Orleans the intersection of real and magical worlds is hidden — a portal now under attack by dark forces. The Vapors are determined to upend the balance between light and dark. Their plot is to force the portal to open, but there is one problem — Trini holds the key.  The course of humanity hinges on Trini’s ability to overcome her past. Standing at the edge of another Dark Ages, Wellie is willing to die to protect Trini. The question is — is Trini willing to let go and live for him? 


If you love a fast-paced good vs. evil tale, grab Harpy Gumbo! 

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