Swimming for Air

Messing Up Magic, Book 2

Release Date: January 15, 2019

Tampa is facing a water crisis, but what Sylvia doesn't know is that she is too... 

Her water magic hidden from her since she was a child, Sylvia uncovers the work of two destructive Djinns, intent on stealing the water from humans for good. One is sworn to vengeance, the other is finding Sylvia's siren song impossible to resist.

Rafi has been by Pirro's side for 3,000-years, never realizing Pirro's slide into madness... until he finds Sylvia and her love for all creatures, the water of life, and inexplicably, Rafi himself. Pirro will stop at nothing, including their deaths.

Can they survive Pirro, save the water, and find true love?

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